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  • NJ Motorcycle Permit Rules

    Getting a motorcycle permit in New Jersey is an important step toward riding on two wheels. However, it's important for anyone who wishes to ride a motorcycle to understand all the rules and regulations surrounding motorcycle permits. This helps to ensure your safety and compliance with the law. Below, our NJ motorcycle accident lawyers from Varcadipane & Pinnisi, PC, present some necessary information about motorcycle permits. If you suffer injuries in a crash, we are ready to provide legal support throughout the process.

    The Importance of read more

  • How Much Is a Speeding Ticket 30 Miles Over?

    Excessive Speeding and Accidents: What You Should Know

    We live in a world where time is of the essence. Unfortunately, people don’t think about the consequences of speeding until they are pulled over and issued a citation or get into an accident. A lot of accidents and fatalities result from speeding, so lawmakers make sure guilty drivers are fined and punished accordingly. For 2020, the total number of car crashes recorded by the New Jersey Department of Transportation totaled 190,783.

    “Put the Brake on Fatalities”

    read more
  • Discover the Motorcycle Events in New Jersey

    New Jersey Motorcycle Events

    Motorcycle enthusiasts understand one another, so it is natural for them to gather together for various motorcycle events throughout the year. New Jersey has its fair share of motorcycle events, and many people will come out to enjoy various festivities, charity functions, group rides, and more. Along with motorcycle events often come increased risks that someone will suffer injuries in an accident. Other drivers might not be aware of these events, and they might act negligently and hit a motorcyclist before, read more
  • Motorcycle Club Events in New Jersey and Possible Injuries

    Riding a motorcycle can be an exhilarating experience. You may even search for a riding buddy who shares your love for the open road. Although being part of a motorcycle group (commonly referred to as a “motorcycle club”) is a great social activity, it comes with risks. If you have sustained injuries in a motorcycle crash, you need a motorcycle accident lawyer to review your case.

    Factors to Consider in Group Riding

    There are plenty of motorcycle clubs in New Jersey that you can join. Some welcome all riders, and some are exclusive read more
  • New Jersey Helmet Laws

    Motorcyclists are 29 times more likely to die in a crash than people in enclosed vehicles. That means motorcyclists are by far the most vulnerable drivers on the road, and wearing a helmet should be non-negotiable. Here is an overview of New Jersey’s helmet laws, and if you suffered injuries, contact our law firm about a possible motorcycle accident claim.

    Wearing a Helmet is the Law in New Jersey

    Some people assert that wearing a helmet can reduce your peripheral vision, but a study of almost 1,000 motorcycle accidents found that there read more

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