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Designated by the Supreme Court of New Jersey


Selecting a qualified and experienced New Jersey Personal Injury attorney is one of the most important decisions for your case. One aspect that sets Varcadipane & Pinnisi, P.C. apart is that our attorneys include Board Certified Civil Trial Attorneys in the State of New Jersey. This certification is issued by the Board of Attorney Certification, which was established and is overseen by the Supreme Court of New Jersey.

Why does this matter?

Fewer than five percent (5%) of the attorneys licensed in the State of New Jersey have this designation. At Varcadipane & Pinnisi, P.C. we are proud to have this board certification in civil trial law.

Board certification means that certain lawyers can present themselves as “certified attorneys” within their practice areas. This certification is designed to help clients make an informed decision when seeking and selecting a lawyer. Available practice areas include civil trial law, workers’ compensation law, family law, municipal court law, and criminal law.

New York, New Jersey, and Florida Lawyers

We are high stakes certified civil trial attorneys near your location that provide legal services to clients in near areas from, New York, New Jersey, and Florida, in matters involving Personal Injury, Civil Litigation, Commercial Litigation & Real Estate Law.

At Varcadipane & Pinnisi, P.C. our attorneys have the legal knowledge and expertise to help you navigate the complexities of the legal system. Many legal issues also have time-sensitive deadlines and any delays in hiring an attorney could result in missed opportunities or even dismissal of your case. Our legal professionals can help you plan a strategic approach to your case that is aimed at helping you achieve the best possible outcome.

What to Do After Suffering a Personal Injury?

The first thing you should do following your accident is, call 911 to ensure your accident gets documented. Second, seek medical attention immediately, even if you think your injuries are not severe. Third, contact the certified civil trial attorneys at Varcadipane & Pinnisi, P.C., who have the skill and experience to help you recover full compensation for your injury claim.

Personal Injury Attorneys Near You

If you have been injured in a serious accident in New York, New Jersey, or Florida, contacting a personal injury attorney is an essential step to protect your rights and seek full compensation. Oftentimes, individuals do not know how to handle the legal aspects of an accident case. This dynamic frequently results in people being taken advantage of by insurance companies who are focused on paying you as little as possible.

Whether you’ve been injured in a car accident, a slip and fall, or any other type of accident caused by the negligence of someone else, our team of highly qualified personal injury attorneys is committed to fighting for your rights and securing the best possible outcome for your case.

Serious Legal Matters Require Serious Lawyers Near You

Legal situations can cause significant stress and anxiety to our clients. Whether it’s a serious personal injury case or a high-stakes civil or commercial dispute, our dedicated team of attorneys excels at providing you with a sense of calm and confidence. We take our clients’ cases very seriously and from the day you hire us, we will use every method at our disposal to get you a favorable outcome.

Uniquely Qualified Civil & Commercial Trial Attorneys

When you are looking to hire a litigation lawyer, here are some questions that you should consider:

  • Is the lawyer licensed to practice law in my state/jurisdiction?
  • Do they specialize in cases that are like my own?
  • If my case needs to go to trial, do they have trial experience?
  • Will the insurance company (or legal adversary) take them seriously?

At Varcadipane & Pinnisi, P.C., we are highly experienced, compassionate, and committed to winning. We have attorneys licensed to practice law in New York, New Jersey, and Florida, and have the skill to both litigate and try your case before State and Federal Courts, as well as the United States Supreme Court.

  • Jeffrey W. Varcadipane Founding Partner
  • Dawn M. Pinnisi Founding Partner
  • Sophia Soraya Partner

“Every client who hires us has a unique set of circumstances and desires for their case. But one thing that is always consistent is that we are hired ultimately to do one thing: WIN. We take winning very seriously and we do everything in our power to ensure that we achieve victory for our clients.”

Jeffrey W. Varcadipane

Founding Partner

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We have a reputation for winning and fighting for our client’s rights.

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Types of Personal Injury Claims We Handle

  • Car Accidents

    Our best Car Accident Attorney is here to help accident victims and their families through this difficult time. Suppose you’ve been injured in a motor vehicle accident in New York, New Jersey, or Florida. In that case, you can count on Varcadipane & Pinnisi, P.C., to fight for your rights.

  • Motorcycle Accidents

    Our Motorcycle Accident Attorney can assist with a motorcycle accident case by collecting evidence, dealing with insurance companies, and advocating for your rights. Their expertise ensures you receive fair compensation.

  • Slip And Falls

    If you have been injured in a trip and fall case, you need an experienced Slip & Fall Lawyer to have a fighting chance to get what you deserve for your accident.

  • Medical Malpractice

    A Medical Malpractice attorney can help you with your case by investigating medical records, consulting with experts, and building a strong case to prove negligence.

  • Brain Injury Lawyer

    If you have suffered a brain injury, you need an experienced Brain Injury Lawyer to ensure you receive the fair compensation you deserve for your accident.

  • Anesthesia Malpractice

    If you have been harmed by anesthesia malpractice, you need an experienced Anesthesia Malpractice Lawyer from Varcadipane and Pinnisi, P.C. to ensure you receive the fair compensation you deserve for your injuries.

  • Cancer Misdiagnosis

    Suffering a cancer misdiagnosis can be shocking, you need an experienced Cancer Misdiagnosis Lawyer to ensure you receive the fair compensation you deserve for your suffering.

  • Birth-Related Injuries

    A birth-related case should be investigated by a Birth-related injury attorney who will use their expertise to ensure that you receive fair compensation for your child’s injuries.

  • Truck Accident

    A Truck Accident Lawyer can help you navigate the complexities of a truck accident case by gathering crucial evidence, negotiating with insurance companies, and fighting for full compensation.

  • Professional Malpractice

    All professionals – including lawyers, doctors, engineers, accountants, and architects – have a duty to serve their clients professionally and in an ethical manner. A Professional Malpractice Lawyer can represent you against malpractice cases.

  • Wrongful Death

    A Wrongful Death Lawyer seeks compensation for family members. We are dedicated to seeking full compensation for family members who have lost a loved one as a result of the negligent, intentional, careless, and wrongful acts of another.

  • Construction Accident

    If you have been a victim or lost a family member to a construction accident, know that you are not alone. With millions of dollars in construction accident settlements for our clients, the law office of Varcadipane & Pinnisi, P.C. includes certified civil litigation trial attorneys, placing you in good hands if your case goes to trial.

  • Product Liability

    When products are somehow defective, they are often capable of causing extremely serious injuries. Contact a Product Liability Lawyer for a free case evaluation. At Varcadipane & Pinnisi, P.C., we know how to help product liability victims.

  • Negligence

    Negligence is one of the essential pillars in any personal injury case. In fact, it’s so crucial that most of the work in your personal injury case will focus on proving that the other party’s behavior was negligent. Our experienced Negligence Lawyers will work tirelessly to prove negligence in your case.

  • Dog Bites

    The last thing you expect to happen when you are out taking a walk, riding your bike, or going about your personal business is to be bitten by a dog. Our Dog Bite Lawyer has handled dog bite cases efficiently and effectively.

Types of Civil Litigation Claims We Handle

  • Breach of Contract

    Our Breach of Contract Lawyer has decades of experience in litigation over New Jersey contract disputes. We have successfully represented clients in all aspects of contract litigation.

  • Consumer Fraud

    One of our Consumer Fraud Lawyers will stand up for innocent clients who have been exploited and victimized. We provide free initial consultations to discuss your consumer fraud case and help you determine the next steps.

  • Whistleblower Claims

    If you think that you have been retaliated against because of your whistleblowing, disclosures, or objections to illegal activity, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Whistleblower Claims Lawyer today.

  • Judgement Enforcement

    If you need help collecting the money obtained by a judgment, reach out to an experienced Judgment Enforcement Lawyer from Varcadipane & Pinnisi, P.C., to discuss how we can help you.

  • Insurance Claim

    Our Insurance Claim Lawyer has decades of experience handling litigation over New Jersey insurance disputes. We have successfully represented clients in all aspects of insurance claim litigation, ensuring they receive the compensation they deserve.

Types of Commercial Litigation Claims We Handle

  • Business Disputes

    Business dispute is a very broad term that encompasses practically any disagreement that you may have when running a company. Hire a Business Dispute Lawyer to handle your business needs.

  • Contract Dispute

    Our Contract Dispute Lawyer can help you recover damages sustained by a contract dispute. Our lawyers can proactively get involved, fight for your legal rights, and help you achieve the best outcome.

  • Insurance Dispute

    If you have a large claim or are getting a runaround from an insurance company on any matter, you need legal help. The experienced Insurance Dispute Lawyer knows exactly how to deal with insurance companies that are stringing you along.

  • Shareholder Dispute

    The Shareholder Dispute Lawyer at Varcadipane & Pinnisi, P.C., successfully represents shareholders and other professionals throughout New Jersey and New York with various legal conflicts.

Client Testimonials

What you will find consistent about Varcadipane & Pinnisi, P.C., is our fierce commitment to legal advocacy for our clients and our dedication to getting them a favorable result.

Here are just a few individuals who we have been able to help with their legal issues. Check out more about our reviews and testimonials.

  • "From the very beginning, the team at Varcadipane & Pinnisi provided us with clear guidance, comprehensive strategies, and a sense of confidence that we were in the best possible hands. The thorough preparation and attention to de..."

    Robert S. Client

  • "Jeff Varcadipane helped and guided us through a tough dental office sale conflict. He is very professional, gives confidence to the client. I felt very confident with him being our atty. Would def recommend him!! "

    Ghania C. Client

  • "I was completely satisfied from my first conversation with Jeff Varcadipane, he answered my questions with concise, intelligent solutions to my problem. My doubts that it could not be resolved were totally erased. I would highly reco..."

    Sandra C. Client

  • "Sophia Soraya did a wonderful job winning our case. She made a hard process very easy to understand and we were very pleased. Her persistence and determination is unmatched and unlike that of the other firms who told us our case was ..."

    Hanna Y. Client

  • "A terrific firm that helped my family to successfully litigate a complex real estate fraud case. Great communication from the team throughout the entire process. Everyone involved was highly skilled, explained things clearly and appe..."

    Robert J. Client

  • "Varcadipane & Pinnisi, P.C. were incredible to work with. Their attention to detail, knowledge, and responsiveness go unmatched. I highly recommend!!! "

    Rebecca W. Client

  • "My nearly 8 year long relationship with Varcadipane & Pinnisi, P.C. as my legal counsel was nothing short of outstanding. Their dedication and hard work shone through every step of the way. Simply put, I was represented by my leg..."

    Daniel S. Client

  • "Jeff Varcadipane did an excellent job winning my case, despite the constant hurdles and excess motions of the defense. His knowledge of every part of the law was very impressive. He and Dawn really cared about my case and constantly ..."

    Scott H.

  • "I had a great experience with Varcadipane & Pinnisi, P.C. law firm and would like to express my gratitude specifically to Ms. Sophia Soraya for her excellent legal assistance. I appreciate their professionalism and highly recomme..."

    Shirin G. Client

  • "Attorney Sophia Soraya and her firm were incredible. We couldn’t have been more impressed with their knowledge, care, and attention to detail. Your legal needs are in great hands with Varcadipane and Pinnisi, PC. "

    Shadee B. Client

  • "Varcadipane and Pinnisi, P.C. has been an incredible partner in navigating risk and advising on the commercial structure of multiple businesses, while providing personal counsel for the last 15 years. "

    Mike C. Client


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Contact our attorneys near your area to learn more about how we can represent you effectively and aggressively. Our team consists of attorneys and legal professionals who are proud to advocate for clients in New York, New Jersey and Florida.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We invite you to browse some of our most Frequently Asked Questions (“FAQs”) about our firm and our practice. These FAQs provide valuable information that may address some of your initial inquiries. Have specific questions about your unique situation? Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with one of our experienced lawyers.

Read More FAQ's

Varcadipane & Pinnisi, P.C. is a boutique law firm that specializes in the following practice areas: personal injury, medical malpractice, civil litigation, commercial litigation, and real estate law. We represent both plaintiffs and defendants with civil and commercial litigation matters. Our attorneys also represent plaintiffs with their personal injury and medical malpractice claims. In addition, we also handle real estate matters, such as real estate purchases and sales and disputes involving real estate.

Check our complete list of our practice areas.

You are entitled to know, to the extent that we can reasonably inform you at your first visit, what your legal fees will cost. We encourage a frank and open discussion about our fees with each client at the time of their initial consultation. Certified civil trial attorneys are paid under various fee arrangements depending on the specific circumstances of the case.

Contingency Fee:

On a contingency fee basis, your legal fees will be based on the amount of recovery we make; no recovery means no fee. We handle all personal injury and medical malpractice cases on a contingency fee. Not all cases qualify for the contingency basis; we will tell you if yours does.

Hourly Fee:

On an hourly fee basis, fees are based on an hourly rate for services rendered. This means you will pay as you go. All work is logged and you will be provided with a detailed, itemized list of all work performed and the rates charged for the work.  Typically, all of our civil and commercial litigation matters follow an hourly fee basis.

Yes. Each state and each case type has a filing deadline called the “Statute of Limitation.” You must file a lawsuit before the statute of limitation expires. Other factors may also apply.

For example, the Statute of Limitations for a personal injury case in New Jersey is two years from the date of the accident. The Statute of Limitations for a personal injury case in New York is three years from the date of the accident. If your case involves a public entity, your time limit to file a claim could be as short as ninety (90) days from the date of the accident. If you do not file a claim or a lawsuit within the statute of limitations, you will be barred from filing a lawsuit with the court. This is why it is important to consult with a lawyer as soon as possible after your injury.

The length of time it takes to resolve a case can vary greatly depending on a number of factors, including the complexity of the case, the amount of evidence involved, the parties involved, and the court system in which the case is being heard. Generally, personal injury and civil litigation cases can take anywhere between a few months to several years to resolve.

Some cases can be resolved quickly through negotiations or settlements, while others may take months or even years to go through the court system. It’s important to work closely with your attorney and to stay patient throughout the process. Your attorney can help provide a more accurate estimate of the timeline for your case based on the specifics of your situation. They can also keep you informed of any updates or changes that occur as the case progresses.

Remember that while the process may be frustrating and time-consuming, the ultimate goal is to reach a fair and just outcome for all parties involved.

The steps involved may vary depending on the specifics of your case, but generally, they may involve actions such as:

  • Filing: If your attorney determines that you have a valid claim, they will file a complaint with the court, which outlines the details of your case.
  • Discovery: This is the process where both parties exchange essential information related to the case, including contracts, medical records, witness statements, and other relevant documents.
  • Settlement Negotiations: Prior to trial, both sides are always encouraged to engage in settlement negotiations in an attempt to reach a mutually agreeable resolution.
  • Motions: Both sides may file pretrial motions. This is where the parties present their legal arguments using evidence to support their claims.
  • Judgment: Upon consideration of the evidence and arguments, the court may issue a judgment, which may include relief for monetary damages and other remedies.
  • Trial: If a fair settlement cannot be reached, your case may proceed to trial, where a judge or jury will hear the evidence and make a decision on the case.
  • Appeals: If needed, the parties may appeal the legal issues in dispute. Factual disputes are typically not appealed.

It’s important to keep in mind that each case is unique, and the steps involved may vary. Your attorney will guide you through each step of the process and help you achieve the best possible outcome for your case.

Many personal injury and civil litigation cases are settled outside of court through negotiations between the parties involved, which can save both time and money for our clients. However, if a fair settlement cannot be reached through negotiations, then the case may proceed to trial. In general, cases that involve substantial damages, disputed liability, or complex legal issues are more likely to go to trial. Your attorney can give you a better idea of whether your case is likely to go to trial or not, based on the specifics of your case. They can also provide you with guidance and representation throughout the legal process, helping you to achieve the best possible outcome.

Determining the value of a personal injury case is a complex process and depends on various factors such as the severity of your injuries, the amount of insurance coverage available, the impact on your daily life, the cost of medical treatment, and the extent of your financial losses. To determine the value of your case, it’s important to consult with one of our experienced personal injury attorneys. They can review the details of your case, assess the damages you have suffered, and provide you with a realistic estimate of what your case may be worth. Keep in mind that each case is unique, and there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question.

If you have been injured in an accident it is important to seek medical treatment immediately. Even if your injuries appear to be minor, it is still a good idea to seek medical treatment. Some injuries may not show symptoms right away, and delayed treatment could result in long-term health problems.

In addition to helping you recover physically, seeking medical treatment can also be important for your personal injury case. Medical records can serve as evidence of the extent of your injuries and the treatment you received. This can be important in determining the amount of compensation you are entitled to for your injuries.

It is also important to note that insurance companies may use a lack of medical treatment as evidence that your injuries were not serious or that you were not actually injured. Seeking medical treatment can help to counter these arguments and ensure that you receive fair compensation for your injuries.

While it’s not always necessary to hire a personal injury lawyer, having an experienced attorney advocating for your legal rights can be extremely beneficial in many cases.

If you’ve been injured as a result of someone else’s actions or negligence, one of the best-experienced law firms in NJ and NY, can help you navigate the complex legal system and ensure that your rights are protected. Personal injury cases can also become quite complex. There are countless factors that a plaintiff will need to establish for their case. Our attorneys can help you gather evidence, conduct legal research, prepare your legal documents, preserve your legal rights, represent you in various court proceedings, negotiate with insurance companies, and ensure that you receive the best compensation for your injuries.

We consider clear and frequent communication with our clients to be one of the most important, and most commonly overlooked, parts of the lawyer’s obligation to their clients. While we will also make sure you understand exactly what is going on with your case, the frequency of communication often varies depending upon the nature and stage of your case. Clients who contact the firm for an update can expect to hear back from one of our attorneys or legal professionals within 24 – 48 hours.

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Areas We Serve

    New York

    Our New York personal injury and litigation lawyers are committed to providing the highest legal level of legal service to our New York clients.

    New Jersey

    If you’ve been injured in an accident or seek representation for civil/commercial litigation in New Jersey, our certified civil trial lawyers are here for you.


    When you have been critically injured in an accident, you deserve the best legal representation from a dedicated and caring team of Florida Personal Injury Attorneys.