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  • Types of Plaintiffs in a Business Defamation Action

    What is Business Defamation Action?

    When we talk about business defamation action, we're referring to the legal term defamation. Which is an untrue statement about someone or a business made to a third party that causes damage to that person or business’s reputation. To sue someone for defamation, you, the plaintiff, must: Meet the court’s filing requirements Gather evidence Have your lawyer draft and file the necessary documents at the correct courthouse  Have the other party served with a copy of the complaint

    read more

  • Common Employment Disputes in New Jersey

    The New Jersey Division of Wage and Hour Compliance is responsible for enforcing state labor laws relating to minimum wages, earned sick leave, methods of wage payment, and workplace labor standards. If you are engaged in any kind of employment dispute in your workplace in New Jersey, you will want to quickly contact an experienced New Jersey business disputes lawyer. State laws relating to business practices are found in both the New Jersey Statutes Annotated and the New Jersey Administrative Code. Here are four of the more common kinds of read more
  • How Many Insurance Claims Can You Make in a Year?

    Some people might file many insurance claims when everything seems to happen all at once. In a single year, you might have different types of damage to your vehicle or home, and you might wonder if you should file insurance claims for all of them. Is there a limit to how many claims you can file in a year? The law has no limitations on how many insurances claims you can file, and most policy agreements do not expressly restrict the number of claims either. However, there can be consequences to filing numerous claims within a short period of time. read more
  • Being a Victim of Consumer Fraud: The New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act

    Have you been taken advantage of by a business? Maybe they denied you a refund for a product that doesn’t work or advertised they have a lot full of new cars to sell when really they all need to be special ordered and the lot is empty? New Jersey has some of the strongest consumer protection legislation in the country for cases exactly like these. The New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act, as the name implies, is a set of laws to protect against deceptive or otherwise fraudulent business practices. The act promotes ethical business practices, makes sure read more
  • Common Types of Shareholder Disputes

    In the old days, shareholders used to be people with a lot of money who invested in big company stocks, with most of them being Fortune 500 companies. However, now even small start-up companies are now able to raise capital by selling shares in the company.  When this happens, those who invest in the company as shareholders have ownership interests in the start-up or corporation - and they often have strong opinions. As in any business involving more than one owner, disputes do arise between the shareholders. At Varcadipane & Pinnisi, PC, we read more
  • What is a Civil Judgment?

    If someone has wronged you and the law provides a remedy, you can sue that person or entity in civil court to seek money and other relief. At Varcadipane & Pinnisi, PC, we routinely help clients to successfully file cases like this and can help you, too, if you believe someone has caused you harm and you have a basis to sue them.

    Obtaining a Civil Judgment

    A civil judgment is an order obtained in civil court against an individual or entity after a successful lawsuit. The judgment usually requires the person or entity against whom it is read more
  • Do I Have a New Jersey Whistleblower Claim?

    The law generally allows employers to terminate employees at will, though there are important exceptions. One exception is the termination of employment because an employee reported unlawful conduct of the employer - or they “blew the whistle.” If you were fired because you complained about or reported wrongful conduct of your employer, you have the right to take legal action. Reach out to a law firm that handles whistleblower cases right away. 

    Legal Protections for Whistleblowers in New Jersey

    The New Jersey legislature enforces read more
  • Breach of Contracts: Most common types

    Anytime you enter into a legal agreement, you risk that a breach of contract will occur. Even if you and the other parties fully agree to the terms of a contract, there is always the chance that they will decide not to abide by those terms - or that they will accuse you of failing to do so.  Contracts are legally-binding, as long as they meet the requirements under contract law. This means that you have the right to take legal action if another party commits a breach of contract. Below are different types of contract breaches that might occur. To read more

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