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  • What Happens if a Contractor Abandons a Job?

    You hired a contractor you believed you could trust. You paid a significant portion of the renovation cost up front, and the contractor started on the agreed-upon work. Then, without warning, they disappeared in the middle of the project. So, what happens if a contractor abandons a job? Now, you’re stuck with a half-completed project, limited funds, and no idea what your next step should be. Unfortunately, you are not alone, as this happens more often than it should. The good news is you might have legal options. For example, if a contractor read more
  • Whistleblower Retaliation Examples

    Whistleblowing refers to the act of exposing illegal or unethical activities within an organization. It takes significant courage for employees to come forward and report such misconduct, as they may face retaliation from their employers, which is a violation of the law. Whistleblower retaliation can take various forms, including demotion, harassment, termination, or even blacklisting from future employment opportunities. Below are only a few real-life whistleblower retaliation examples. If you believe you were the victim of retaliation, recognize read more
  • In What Circumstance Would a Property Insurance Claim Be Rejected?

    When it comes to property insurance claims, insurance companies have a reputation for rejecting claims. However, it is important to note that there is no one-size-fits-all reason for claim denial. Insurance companies will evaluate claims on a case-by-case basis, considering a range of factors specific to the claim. Denials are appealable and, sometimes, the result of bad faith practices. If you believe the insurance company is unreasonably denying your claim, you need legal assistance from a New Jersey insurance claims attorney. An insurance dispute read more
  • Are You Seeking Payment from Unpaid Promissory Notes?

    A promissory note is, by definition, an unconditional promise to pay money to another party. Seeing that a promise is unconditional, there are typically not many legal defenses to the non-payment of a promissory note. A promissory note is also a contract, and any party seeking payment of a promissory note should seek the help of a New Jersey judgment enforcement lawyer. You first need to determine whether a signed document will legally constitute a promissory note. In many cases, a document does not satisfy the parameters for the legal definition of read more
  • What is the Whistleblower Act New Jersey?

    The Conscientious Employee Protection Act (CEPA) otherwise known as the Whistleblower Act in New Jersey, protects employees engaging in whistleblowing activity from various forms of retaliation by their employers. If you have been the victim of any form of retaliation for engaging in whistleblowing activity in New Jersey, you will want to contact a civil litigation lawyer in the New Jersey area. CEPA entitles an employee who is subjected to retaliation for a protected activity to seek many kinds of remedies and compensation. This may include wages read more
  • Common Employment Disputes in New Jersey

    The New Jersey Division of Wage and Hour Compliance is responsible for enforcing state labor laws relating to minimum wages, earned sick leave, methods of wage payment, and workplace labor standards. If you are engaged in any kind of employment dispute in your workplace in New Jersey, you will want to quickly contact an experienced New Jersey business disputes lawyer. State laws relating to business practices are found in both the New Jersey Statutes Annotated and the New Jersey Administrative Code. Here are four of the more common kinds of read more
  • Caution! Credit Card Fraud Suspects-What to do?

    If you notice a credit card fraud suspects or a charge on your credit card transaction history that does not look familiar, it could be credit card fraud. This type of consumer fraud happens when someone makes a purchase or withdrawal or otherwise uses your credit card information without your permission. It can also involve applying for credit cards using your personal information, or any other unauthorized use of your credit. If you suspect you are the victim of this type of offense, seek help from a credit card fraud attorney in New Jersey as soon read more
  • Johnny Depp Trial Case According to Expert Civil Lawyer

    We all heard something about the controversial trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, some of this information comes from social media like Facebook or TikTok, but not all the info is accurate. Here you can find an overview of the case explained by one of our expert civil litigation lawyers at Varcadipane & Pinnisi PC. 

    What happened between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard?

    Heard and Depp met and started dating in 2012. The entertainers wedded in mid-2015, and notwithstanding numerous affirmations from anonymous newspaper sources that read more

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