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  • Are New Jersey Superior Court Judges Improving Their Shortage?

    State lawmakers in New Jersey are actively working to address the significant judicial shortages in the state. The need for more judges has become increasingly apparent due to the growing backlog of cases in the court system. However, recent efforts have shown promising signs of improvement. When you have a legal case, a judicial shortage can extend the time it takes to reach a resolution and obtain legal relief. However, you can often increase your chances of an efficient outcome with representation from an experienced New Jersey personal injury read more
  • Personal Injury Laws in New York, New Jersey, and Florida

    Whether you have a personal injury claim in New York, New Jersey, or Florida, you need to show negligence and must file a claim within a certain amount of time. To file a claim, you need to understand the state law where the claim is being filed. Each state has established guidelines for submitting a claim and filing lawsuits that involve personal injury. Personal injury can include negligence related to car accidents, medical malpractice, construction incidents, slip-and-falls, and dog bites. Reach out to an experienced attorney from Varcadipane & read more
  • SUV vs. Sedan Safety 

    Every day, there are millions of cars on the roads in New Jersey. Within this highly-populated state where commuters rely on their vehicles for transportation, it is common for accidents to happen. For this reason, many people look for advanced safety features when considering the purchase of a new vehicle. With all of the cars on the market, one of the first questions that comes up when buying a car is whether an SUV or a sedan is a safer option. In either case, an accident might still cause injuries, and you should never hesitate to contact a car read more
  • Can I be fired for being injured on the job?

    Injuries can happen anywhere, and when a serious injury happens when you are at your job, the situation can be especially stressful. In some cases, workers might worry that they will be fired if they cannot perform their jobs after a short-term or long-term injury. In some scenarios, these fears come true, after an injury heightens the emotional and financial challenges workers face. Fortunately, injury laws in New York have been designed to protect the worker who has been injured on the job. If you believe you have been wrongfully fired, speak with read more
  • Discover the Motorcycle Events in New Jersey

    New Jersey Motorcycle Events

    Motorcycle enthusiasts understand one another, so it is natural for them to gather together for various motorcycle events throughout the year. New Jersey has its fair share of motorcycle events, and many people will come out to enjoy various festivities, charity functions, group rides, and more. Along with motorcycle events often come increased risks that someone will suffer injuries in an accident. Other drivers might not be aware of these events, and they might act negligently and hit a motorcyclist before, read more
  • NY Defective Products and How Personal Injury Lawyers Help

    NY Defective Products are in our everyday lives, it can sometimes seem like everything has a warning label. Of course, you wouldn’t use your hair dryer while taking a bath, but there’s a warning label advising you not to do this anyway. The reason that’s so is that if a product caused the injury that way and didn’t include such a warning, the company could be sued for product liability in relation to the costs the injury caused. Product liability lawyers have a lot of experience dealing with product liability cases and in the event that you have read more
  • Overview of New York Construction Laws

    New York Labor Law § 200 is the state labor law providing that all owners and contractors must make all workplaces under their control reasonably safe for their workers, and they need to construct, equip, arrange, operate, and conduct all worksites to provide reasonable and adequate protection to all people who have employment there. Anybody who suffers serious injuries on a construction worksite in New York will want to immediately contact an experienced New York construction accident attorney. Construction workers have some of the most dangerous read more
  • Caution! Credit Card Fraud Suspects-What to do?

    If you notice a credit card fraud suspects or a charge on your credit card transaction history that does not look familiar, it could be credit card fraud. This type of consumer fraud happens when someone makes a purchase or withdrawal or otherwise uses your credit card information without your permission. It can also involve applying for credit cards using your personal information, or any other unauthorized use of your credit. If you suspect you are the victim of this type of offense, seek help from a credit card fraud attorney in New Jersey as soon read more

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