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  • Dangerous Cosmetic Products Can Cause Serious Injuries

    The cosmetic industry is a multi-billion dollar chain of commerce that relies on consumers to purchase and use products directly on their skin - often multiple times per day. Although most products are carefully vetted through a series of safety and quality checks, this is not always the case. While the FDA states that it is the company’s legal responsibility to ensure the safety of its products, sometimes, they fail to do so. In some instances, products are misbranded, omitting important information from their labels and marketing. In other read more
  • NY Defective Products and How Personal Injury Lawyers Help

    NY Defective Products are in our everyday lives, it can sometimes seem like everything has a warning label. Of course, you wouldn’t use your hair dryer while taking a bath, but there’s a warning label advising you not to do this anyway. The reason that’s so is that if a product caused the injury that way and didn’t include such a warning, the company could be sued for product liability in relation to the costs the injury caused. Product liability lawyers have a lot of experience dealing with product liability cases and in the event that you have read more
  • What are the Elements of Strict Product Liability?

    Every year, thousands of people are injured in New York by defective or dangerous products, such as personal care items, medical devices, or even an auto mechanical error. The term “strict product liability” essentially refers to a seller or manufacturer being held responsible, regardless of intent, for selling or placing a defective product into the hands of a consumer.  

    What Are Different Types of Product Defects?

    Under the strict product liability law, you must prove in a product liability case that the product that caused you an read more

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